My name is Olivia Mashak (the publicist) and this is my fur child Pandora Pupperton (the princess).  Thanks for checking out our blog! I decided to start this blog for a few different reasons.   First and foremost, I love talking, texting, tweeting, instagramming, facebooking, and even singing, about Pandora.  I thought this blog would be a constructive way for me to brag about my fur(less) child even more than I already do.  Second, I love to write.  Last, but certainly not least, for the past four years of years of college all of my public relations professors have discussed how beneficial a blog can be.  So, I decide to smash together my love of public relations and writing, with my love for my pup.  Enter The Publicist and The Princess.  Here, I will write from my perspective as a public relations student at Grand Valley State University, as well as from the perspective of my four-legged best friend.  I hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoy writing!

The Publicist

I am a (super) senior at Grand Valley State University, majoring in public relations, and double minoring in business and hospitality.  Grand Valley is just outside Grand Rapids, Michigan.  I am a guacamole connoisseur, pet parent, and amateur yogi.  My favorite color is purple, and if I could eat Taco Bell everyday for the rest of my life, I wouldn’t be mad.  I love to travel, and after graduating in May, I hope to move to Seattle.  Read my posts every Wednesday! Follow me on Twitter: @oliviamashak

The Princess

Pandora Model

Hello humans! My name is Pandora DeOhGee (get it?) Pupperton.  I am a Hairless Chinese Crested princess pup.  My birthday is October 12, 2011.  My favorite color is pink, and my green t-rex is my favorite toy in the entire world.  I am an excellent runner and howler/singer.  I love fashion, and was voted best dressed in puppy school.  Read my posts every Monday!      Follow me on Twitter: @princesspander


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