My THIRD Birthday!

Pandora birthday 1 Pandora birthday

Hello humans! Yesterday was my birthday pawty! My favorite day of the whole year! Every year we have a pawty to celebrate me.  This year, my mother, Grammy, Grandpy, Uncle MJ, and the Great Grands were all in attendance.  We had a puppy cake for me and my Uncle Morton, cupcakes for the humans, and as many treats as my little tummy could handle. I’m still trying to get frosting out of my beard, puppy problems.

As much fun as my pawty was, it also means that I am turning another year older.  In a mere six days I will turn three human years old.  According to the Pedigree dog age calculator, that’s TWENTY-EIGHT in dog years! I don’t even have enough toes to count that high! This had me wondering, why do the humans celebrate my third birthday when I’m really turning 28? I thought humans were supposed to be intelligent creatures….

I sent one of my minions to do some research for me, and we found some interesting information.  Most humans know that us fur children age faster than them, but most don’t realize that one human year does not necessarily equal seven pup years.  Apparently, us four-legged creatures age the equivalent of 21 human years in our first two years of life, and then aging slows down to about four dog years for every one human year.  I can’t believe mother never told me that I am old enough to drink….  Anyways, a pup’s aging also depends on their breed, but generally speaking, the smaller the dog, the slower the aging process.  It’s a good thing this princess is little.


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