I <3 Animals


Jorge, one of the many strays I brought home.


Dudley and Morton

For as long as I can remember, I have loved animals.  My mom had to tell family members that they weren’t allowed to buy me stuffed animals anymore, because my collection had become so overwhelming.  I had so many fuzzy friends that I could barely sleep in my own bed.  I got my first living pet, Nibbles, when I was in kindergarten.  She was a guinea pig, and I insisted on rocking her to sleep in my miniature rocking chair every single night.  Looking back, I think I scared that little creature with my excitement, but I meant well.  After that, we had Dudley; a Shepherd mix my stepdad found near his work, Buttercup; a cat my mom brought home after leaving to go grocery shopping, Pippen (Kip); a black cat I insisted on rescuing, Morton (Morty); a Chihuahua my mom insisted on rescuing, Pandora; who I saw at a pet store and immediately fell in love with, and a handful of fish along the way.  So, it isn’t completely my fault we rescued so many animals, it runs in my blood.

*Disclaimer: We did not have all of these pets at the same time, this is over the course of my entire childhood.*

My parents have now forbidden me from even looking at adoptable animals, because they know I (and my mom) will fall in love with each and every one.  I know that having too many fur children is not good for me, or them, so I decided to find a different way to help.  That is when I got involved with the Humane Society of West Michigan and their second Bark in the Dark 5k event.  This event is a fundraiser, where all of the proceeds go to help animals.  I knew this was the perfect way for me to help.  I immediately contacted the head of the event and signed up to be on the planning committee.  It was perfect.  It allowed me to expand my network AND help the fur kids.

The event is taking place on October 11, 2014.  I highly encourage everyone to participate if they can. Sign up here! You can even bring your four-legged friend to walk with you!  If a 5k isn’t really your thing, you can help me reach my personal fundraising goal, fundraise on your own, or volunteer at the event.  I cannot be at the event, due to PRSSA National Conference (stay tuned for that blog), so I am fundraising ahead of time instead.

Step up and help the creatures who can’t help themselves! If you’re looking for a pet, consider adoption! You can save TWO lives.  The life of the animal you adopt, as well as the life of the animal who gets to take the spot of your new baby in the shelter.

Photo courtesy of the Humane Society of West Michigan

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