I got involved with PRSSA while I was still attending Michigan State University.  I was a freshman, and I knew I wanted to get involved, but didn’t really know how.  I knew a sorority wasn’t for me, and if you have ever met me, you know that sports (yes, even club sports) aren’t for me either.  I stumbled upon PRSSA by accident, but after I attended the first meeting of the year, I was hooked.  I continued to get involved and dreamt of serving on the executive board, just like the girls I looked up to.

 Since then, I have added two minors, moved across the state, switched schools, and acquired a fur child, but my dream of serving on a PRSSA eboard never changed.  Now, I serve as the Vice President of Financial Services on executive board of the Grand Valley State University PRSSA Chapter.

It's all about a good #Selfie .. right?

It’s all about a good #Selfie .. right?

This week I had the opportunity to attend PRSSA’s National Conference in Washington DC.  This conference provided me the chance to meet some of the other 11,000 PRSSA members, meet professionals, listen to amazing speakers, and even attend PRSA general sessions. (The site seeing was just an added perk.) Additionally, our chapter was able to present at a breakout session, and received a Star Chapter Award.   This conference made me even more proud to be one of many leaders in such a great organization.


We heard from speakers such as Amy Robach: News Anchor on ABC’s Good Morning America, Mike Buckley: Vice President of Global Business Communication at Facebook, and Pam Jenkins: President of Powell Tate.  What I love the most about PRSSA and PRSA, is their ability to inspire me.  Each of these speakers talked about vastly different topics, but each one left me feeling motivated, and knowing that I picked the right field to go into.


PRSSA offers you the information, experience, and network that you need to prepare for the “real world”.  Joining PRSSA is the best decision I made in college, because it kept, (and continues to keep), me engaged.  I leave each meeting feeling the way I did leaving national conference: encouraged, inspired, and dedicated.  It never ceases to amaze me how eager PR professionals are to help out, and mentor PR students.  PRSSA provides a way for this to happen.  I hope that I can give back even half of what was given to me during my time in PRSSA.

“Vision without execution is hallucination.”


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