Hello Humans!

I apologize for my absence last week.  Mother was out of town, and I was too distraught to write.  I spent my day staring out the window, patiently waiting for my mother to return to me.  I even had to sleep in my miniature metal bedroom all weekend, yuck!

PC: Women's LifeStyle Magazine

PC: Women’s LifeStyle Magazine

Anywho, yesterday I made one of my many public appearances.  This event was Howl-O-ween Hoof and Woof.  It was a fall carnival hosted by the BISSELL Pet Foundation.  The BISSELL Pet Foundation is a non-profit organization that donates to a number of local animal welfare organizations.  These are mother and my favorite types of events to attend.  On top of getting tons of attention from strangers, I get to have fun and help fur friends in need all at the same time.

I got to dress up in a costume.  Mother and I were both witches. She made me wear a hat, which I was not thrilled about.  I hate hats, but I got to wear a tutu. And I love tutus. There were hundreds of other fur friends there, and even two other Chinese Cresteds! (They were almost as cute as me.)  There was a costume contest, popcorn, a puppy fortune teller, a dunk tank, and a photo booth.  I didn’t win the costume contest, I let one of the commoners have the lime light for a little while.  I demanded that mother carry me for the duration of the event, some of the other fur friends were HUGE, and made me a little nervous.  But I had a fabulous time and can’t wait for next year.  All of the commotion sure made me a tired princess.  I better start resting up for the BISSELL Blocktail Party in the spring.  They sure know how to throw a pawty!


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