GrandPR is a nationally affiliated, student-run PR firm at Grand Valley.  It is a subgroup of our PRSSA chapter.  I joined GrandPR as an Account Associate in January.  This year, I took on the role of Chief Financial Officer, as well as Media Director.  I (along with the CEO) meet with potential clients, bill current clients, keep track of the budget, as well as update the firms Twitter, Facebook, website, and blog.

Being a part of GrandPR allows me to get real world experience in an agency, as well as leadership experience.  if you’re even considering applying, DO IT! If you haven’t had internship experience yet, apply to be an Account Associate.  This will allow you to see how things work, and get some work under your belt (and into your portfolio).  Maybe you have already had an internship and would like to have a leadership role, apply to be an Account Executive.  This position gives you the opportunity to manage your own team of associates, as well as work directly with a client.  That’s not for you either?  The firm has a ton of other positions too! Find the one that fits you best.  The firm is opening applications for next semester on November 5th.  Don’t miss out!


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