Sophisticated Pup Photo Shoot

Hello Humans!

Saturday was my first professional photo shoot! I got to go all the way to Chicago with my mother and my Grammy.  #PandoraFunFact: I hate the car. No wonder Chicago is called the windy city, this princess nearly blew away! Anywho, I was a puppy model for Sophisticated Pup, which seems fitting if I do so say so myself. Sophisticated Pup is looking for a new pup to be the face of their brand! I got to meet the designer, wear fabulous outfits, and get my picture taken.  Chicago sure was chilly, but I toughed it out. Hopefully my next photo shoot is in Fuji.

Sophisticated Pup is hosted a modeling competition to decide which pup will represent their brand, along with Penny the Pug.  Whoever wins will be featured on the Sophisticated Pup website and in their catalog! My fingers, toes and ears are crossed.  I was born to be a puppy model.

SP 1 SP 2 SP 4

These are some behind the scenes photos (thank you, Grammy).  I haven’t received the actual photos back yet.  Stay tuned, next time I post, I could be famous! I hope I get to meet Giggy Vanderpump someday. Also, check out the photographer here. If you ever need puppy photos, this is the place to go.


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