But I’m not a PRo


I contemplated starting a blog years before I started this one.  If you search hard enough, you might even find a blog I was obligated to make for a class a few years back.  I always liked the idea, but I never knew what to blog about.  I don’t have a consistent hobby, and I’m really in no position to be offering advice about public relations.   I also didn’t want to be the 900th person to write an obvious “5 Interview Tips,” or “What is Public Relations” blog.  Not to say that those topics are bad, they’re just not me.

I like my PR classes, I have had a couple internships, and I can tell you all about PRSSA, but I haven’t landed a job yet.  I haven’t been out in the “real” world.  I didn’t feel qualified to start a PR blog without being a PRo. So that left me in an awkward “my professors keep telling me to blog, but I have nothing to blog about” conundrum.

I have to say, blogging has not been as difficult as I anticipated.  I have enjoyed giving Pandora a voice of her own.  And now, I can offer this piece of advice to the few readers I have acquired over the past month: if you’re thinking about blogging, do it.  What do you have to lose? Mine started as a “I’ll start a blog, because I feel like I won’t get a job if I don’t have one” slash “I’ll start a blog because my professors told me too and all the other PR kids have one”, and now it’s something I look forward to doing each week.  It took me *literally* years to find my niche, and a “me and my naked dog blog” may not be for everyone, but it’s me.  Take it or leave it, love it or hate it, it’s honest.  And I enjoy it.  Even if no one reads it, or people read it and hate it, I am proud of it. Maybe (hopefully) some day this blog will offer PR advice, and will talk about how I landed my dream job.  But until then, I’m happy to write about what I am now; a college kid who loves her naked pup.


2 thoughts on “But I’m not a PRo

  1. Audra H says:

    I love it! This post is the first time I stumbled across your blog, and I agree with so much of what you said. Doing something (writing a blog) just because you are “supposed to” usually ends up being dull or comes across as disingenuous. I like your approach much better-and Princess is adorable 🙂

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