Puppy Christmas list

Hello Humans!

Halloween is officially over.  You know what that means? Christmas.  Apparently Thanksgiving gets skipped right over these days.  According to my calculations, there are 44 days until Christmas.  Grammy has already gotten her holiday decorations out.  Which she promptly left in the middle of the floor for my mother to trip over.  Mother was so mad, that she even said a naughty word as she crashed to the ground.  Guess that means she’s getting coal for Christmas.  But not this girl, because I am the definition of an angel.

holidaypup peanutandsanta

Even though I think it is a little premature for Christmas decorations and music, it is never to early to start my Princess Puppy Christmas list. I hate winter.  I have no fur, it’s cold! But I do love my holiday pjs, holiday sweater, and I especially love presents.  I just wish I could open my presents on a tropical vacation, while wearing my puppy swimsuit.  Alas, I refuse to fly in one of those giant metal birds.  I prefer my four paws to stay on the ground.

Without further ado, here is my 2014 Princess Puppy Christmas List:

1. A sister of the Italian Greyhound variety.

2. A closet for my extensive wardrobe.  (See image here).

3. A new puppy necklace. (See image here).

4. A heated blanket of my own.

What’s on your list? Tweet me and let me know @princesspander !


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