Black Thursday?

I think it is safe to say that the holiday season is officially here.  Grand Rapids had their first snow fall, Christmas music is on the radio, stores have all of their holiday stuff out, and (most importantly?) Pandora has already made her Christmas list. I can’t help but feel that the hype is premature.  It’s November.  Why are we worrying about Christmas?

Did everyone forget about that holiday in between Halloween and Christmas? I think they call it Thanksgiving…. Why does Thanksgiving always get over looked? Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time for you to really reflect about what you are grateful for.  Instead, parents are running each other over in Walmart parking lots and beating each other up over Tickle Me Elmos.  Thanksgiving has been over taken by Black Friday.  Which has now turned into Black Thursday.  Last year, stores opened at 8pm on Thanksgiving.  This year, those same stores are opening at 6pm on Thanksgiving.  Where do we draw the line? Ten years from now is Black Friday going to start on Monday?  A day that was meant for giving thanks has done nothing but turn us into materialistic savages.

Maybe I’m bitter because I like Thanksgiving more than Christmas, and I feel like it gets over shadowed by Christmas. There are 28 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  That is plenty of time to shop and you’ll get better deals. Black Friday is nothing but a marketing gimmick.  Ask anyone in retail, the deals get better closer to Christmas.  Why ruin Thanksgiving, and a perfectly good turkey?


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