Don’t Hate Me Cuz I’m Beautiful

Hello Humans!

sophisticated_pup_2014 804

Good news! My edited photos from my modeling gig are back! (Thank you Fetch Portraits). This one is my favorite.  I can’t believe I thought that weather was cold.  My bathroom is now covered in four inches of cold wet snow!  I don’t understand why I get scolded, and sent to my miniature metal bedroom, every time I go potty inside where it is warm.  You try squatting outside in subzero temperatures with no fur or clothes, getting pelted with snow flakes the size of your face, all while the weird neighborhood kids stare at you.  #PandoraFunFact I am not some sort of zoo animal, and I do not like taking care of my business in front of an audience.

Women's lifestyle mag

On a positive note, I have been published in another magazine! Yip Yip, Hooray! A picture of mother and me at BISSELL’s HowlOween Hoof and Woof was featured in Women’s Lifestyle Magazine! My career is taking off so fast, that I can barely keep up, and I have the four legs advantage!

It’s not easy being this cute.  People are always trying to get me to do tricks, or tilt my head just right so they can take a picture.  Sometimes a girl just wants to curl up in her favorite blanket and be left alone, ya know?


Alas, that’s not always possible for a princess.  I have lots of things to do; nap time, picture time, blog time, play with Uncle Morton time, eat time, grooming time, and my favorite; bedtime.  Now, mother wants to take pictures for our holiday cards.  It gets worse…. She wants us to wear coordinating sweaters as if I am some sort of peasant human child.  Stay tuned human friends, I look ravishing in a Santa hat.


PS: Mother made me an Instagram.  Be sure to follow me! @PandoraPupperton

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