Uncle Morton

Hello Humans!

Did you know that November is “Adopt a Senior Pet” month?  Almost everyone goes to the shelter looking for a puppy or kitten, but older fur friends need homes too.  In fact, certain households are better suited for a senior animal.  That is why I am dedicating this blog to my Uncle Morton.  Morton was a senior dog at seven years old when my Grammy adopted him from the Humane Society of West Michigan.  This was all before I was born, but he told me all about it.


We don’t know much about Morton’s history, but when he was brought to the Humane Society he was severely underweight and showed signs of abuse.  It should be noted that not all senior dogs have a past a sad as Morton’s.  Some seniors have very nice parents who are too old to take care of them, or can’t afford them anymore. Regardless, no matter how sad their past was, you can make sure the rest of their life is good!

When we first met.  Look how small I am!

When we first met. Look how small I am!

Morton took awhile to come around.  He spent the first couple weeks just laying around and sleeping.  He just wanted to be snuggled.  He didn’t make a peep.  Now, he never shuts up.  Barks constantly.  Even if I am in the middle of my afternoon nap.  But, that’s okay because he plays with me too.  We race around the house, play tug-of-war with Grandpy’s socks,  and throw parties when our mothers are away (not really).  He has come a long way, and is a much happier dog now.

Party Pups

If you’re thinking about adopting, consider a senior pet! Many shelters are offering discounts on senior pets in honor of “Adopt a Senior Pet” month.  Seniors often don’t require training, and can be lower maintenance pets.  Uncle Morton may be old, but I love him (unless he is by my food dish). I’m sure you would love your senior pet too!

Uncle Morton Fun Facts

1. He has the worst dog breath I’ve ever sniffed

2. His favorite hobby is barking.  At everything…  and at nothing.  Really, he just barks all of the time.

3. He is a ninny and I can beat him up

4. He loves to cuddle with me and my Grammy

5. When we adopted him, his name was Alejandro (after the Lady Gaga song)


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