24 Days Until Christmas

Hello Humans!

How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was pup-tastic.  I ate my weight in turkey, (no pigs).  I even got to sit at the human table! Alas, it was only temporary.  Grandpy still says “dogs aren’t allowed at the table.”  Obviously, he overlooks the fact that I am not a dog, I am a princess.

Pandora Thanksgiving

Now that Thanksgiving is over… It’s December! Woof woof! That means two very important things:

 1) A new lineup on Netflix for me and mother to watch together

I love watching movies, what pup doesn’t?  It combines four of my favorite things; mother, a heated blanket, naps and popcorn.  Air Bud is my favorite right now.  That Buddy is pretty cute, considering he has fur and all.

2) My annual countdown to puppy Christmas can start

I love December, because it opens up a whole section of my wardrobe.  Although I hate the cold, I love my holiday sweater, and my black velvet holiday dress.  December is full of holiday treats.  And, most importantly, Mother takes to see that human they call Santa, so I can give him a hardcopy of my Christmas list. I still don’t trust that whole email concept.  Check back next week to see this year’s pictures of Santa and me.

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