Award Winning Pup

Hello Humans!

10 days until Christmas!

I can’t wait!  In other good news, I won an award! A ‘Best Dressed Mascot’ award from GrandPR. Woof woof!

GPR award

GrandPR has never given out this award before, so it is quite an accomplishment. In light of this award, I thought I would share a couple of my favorite designers.  If you have any designers you love, let me know! A girl can never have too many clothes.

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart’s Pet Collection is definitely my go to designer.  Almost all of my clothes are her designs.  She’s designs everything from clothing to doo-doo bags, and makes them cute.  Her puppy necklaces are great too.  My favorite part is that she makes each item girly and fashionable.

Pink Poncho, clothes blog Ponch clothes blog

Martha is always on top of each season as well.  Here, we see my lighter poncho (right) that I wear in the spring, summer and into fall, as well as my winter poncho (left) which is a heavier fleece that helps to keep me warm.  Her food dishes, beds and toys are top-notch as well.  If you’re as skinny and tall/long as me, Martha is your girl!

Sophisticated Pup

As most of you know, Sophisticated Pup is another favorite designer of mine.  Based in Chicago, they make high quality, high fashion clothes for pups.  I love that their pup clothes look as though they were made for a human.  There is nothing worse than a puppy outfit that is covered in paw prints and dog bones.  How tacky.

Pea Coat clothes blog

Above we see Soph Pup’s ruffle coat.  It has a hot pink silk lining, and even has hot pink buttons.  The price point is higher, but the quality is impeccable.  Perfect for any city pup.  Sophisticated is an understatement.

I have dozens of outfits, and I love them all. These are just a couple of my favorites. Let me know what you think! Don’t forget to check out my review of BarkBox next week!


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