Pandora Shaming

Hello, Humans!

Yappy New Year! I am still a little distraught that I did not get a fur sister for Christmas, but I’m pushing through.  Anywho, this blog is dedicated to naughty pups and a new phenomenon called “dog shaming”.

Dog shaming, also known as animal shaming, is an internet meme which originated on Tumblr in August 2012. It is where an image of a dog or other animal is uploaded to the internet with a sign which describes some recent negative behaviour perpetrated by the animal. – Wikipedia

Sometimes my Uncle Morton and (very rarely) me are naughty pups.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times; going potty outside is not princess like, soooo occasionally I attempt to fight the system and go potty in the house like all of the humans (and my feline brother) get to do.

confession 1

This does not make my Grandpy, Grammy, or mother happy humans.  They get especially mad when I sneak in the bathroom and go on the fuzzy rug and don’t tell them so they step in it.  As if it is my fault they don’t watch where they are walking.  Peasants….

If I go potty inside I am banished to my cage.  This is when I look real sad and whimper a whole to let the humans know that I will never ever do it again.  But hey, I’m only a pup.  My long-term memory is maxed out remembering where my food, water and toys are.

So I wanted to take this opportunity to say I’m super duper sorry for all the times I left little brown Pandora made presents around the house Grammy and Grandpy, and I hope you enjoy these memes I found.  Thank you Dog Shaming for proving I’m not the only rebellious pup.











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