Pandora’s January Box: Petbox

Hello, Humans!

Welcome to the second edition of “Pandora’s Box” blog post! This month I am featuring Petbox.

petbox 1

Grammy found a Groupon, so my Petbox only cost $11.99! (Regularly $19.95) I looove a good bargain.  Petbox ships out on the 15th of every month, and I received mine on the 21st.  This is a little later than usual, but Petbox emailed mother to let her know that there would be delays because of weather.  Good work, Petbox!

petbox 3

I may be color blind, but I know good packaging when I see it, and Petbox has it.  I loved the bright blue box and the graphics inside of it.  I was also very happy to hear that some of the proceeds from each Petbox purchase goes to help fur friends in shelters.

petbox 2

I have the best sniffer in all of the lands, so I knew the Petbox contained yummy treats as soon as it came through the door.  My Petbox contained Beams Icelandic Fish Skin Chews (most likely what I was sniffing), Pet Greens Treats Lamb and Chicken Recipe, j nicolay bacon egg & cheese treats, and two toys.  The Pet Greens Treats were my favorite item from this box, but Uncle Morton preferred the j nicolay bacon egg & cheese treats.

I wish Petbox would have put a little card in my box that told me where everything was from and how I could reorder, but mother was able to find most of the items online.  For $11.99, I was very pleased with my Petbox.  They provided a variety of new and interesting treats, and a couple toys.

Pandora’s February Box: PawPack 


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