Pandora’s Fairy Tail

Hello, humans!

Once upon a time (October 12, 2011 to be exact) a beautiful, nekkid, princess puppy was born, and a wicked old witch adopted her and named her Spaz (ew).  This made the princess puppy very sad.  Luckily, the old witch started to sneeze and itch all the time, even though the princess puppy is hypoallergenic.  This forced the mean old witch to return the princess puppy.

 got you day 2

Around this same time, there was a human girl who was very sad and wanted a pet.  She went to look at pet ferrets and met the princess puppy for the first time.  It was love at first sight.  The human girl begged her Mum to let her rescue the puppy from the plastic cage she was being kept in, but Mum said no because the girl’s stepfather was in a land far far away on business.

Every day the human girl would visit the princess puppy and bring her treats.  The human girl wrote a very convincing letter to her parents and begged them to remove the “no more fur children” law that loomed over their castle.  Alas, it looked hopeless.

got you day 1

Until, after 20 hours of travel in a big metal bird, the stepfather returned to the castle from his business trip.  The human girl took him to meet the princess puppy straight away.  And he was sooo happy about it, because he wasn’t even a little bit tired from being awake for 24 hours straight.  After he saw the sweet little nekkid princess dog, he couldn’t resist.

got you day 3

The human girl brought the princess puppy home, got her groomed, and after a week of thinking,  named the puppy Pandora.  They became best friends and lived happily ever after.

got you day 5

The End.

This fairy tail was written in honor of it being my “Got You” day.  Exactly three years ago today, I met my Grandpy for the first time and got to go to my furever home with mother. 


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