Pandora’s February Box: A Grammy Box

Hello, humans!

This month has been quite traumatizing. I had to get shots, my PawPack didn’t get delivered (Mother mixed up the deadline…), and to make matters even worse, I am being forced to wear a cone of shame.

Cone of shame

My skin gets extra dry in the winter time, so I lick it. And lick it… And lick it some more. Mother told me to stop, but I didn’t listen. So, she shipped me off to the puppy doctor for the second time in one month, where I was punished with a plastic cone. The whole situation is quite humiliating. Then again, things could be worse. Uncle Morton is currently sporting a diaper.


In order to make me feel better, Grammy and Mother made me an extra special “we’re sorry you have to wear a cone” monthly box.

Grammy box

I have to say, it’s my favorite box yet. I got a spring necklace, a spring dress, lots of yummy treats (Dentley’s, Purina Pro Plan and Castor & Pollux), two new toys, and a pink princess bed. I can’t wait for the snow to melt so I can wear my new dress.

I sure do love that human they call Martha Stewart.  Her clothes and accessories are always season appropriate and extra girly.

Grammy box 2

The Hello Kitty toy was another great find. It’s flat and light so I can whip it around easily, and it crunches when I bite it, which keeps me entertained. Uncle Morton better keep his paws off.

I’m still upset that I have to wear this cone (but only at night and when mother isn’t home), but my Princess Box definitely helped. Thanks Grammy.



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