Pandora’s March (Madness) Box: PawPack

Hello, humans!

Sorry for my absence. March really has been madness for this princess puppy. I was trying to be a cheerleader for MSU for March Madness, but they turned me down. Something about being too short? Peasants…. It’s okay. I still look cute in my hoodie. I hope they win the big game this weekend! #SpartyOn

In other exciting news, mother finally let me open my March box from PawPack! It was full of spring goodies, and I especially love that the box is an extra pretty blue color.March Box 1

Mother and I appreciated that the treats inside my PawPack were organic. The turkey strips (from Raw bistro) were made from free-range turkeys. Extra yummy AND extra healthy. Uncle Morton and I finished our Sliders BeefStikz, (from Clear Conscience Pet,) in record time.

The treats in my PawPack were mother’s favorite too, because they weren’t as stinky or messy as some of the treats in the other boxes I’ve gotten.

March Box 3

I also got environmentally friendly “bathroom bags” in my box, (from Earth Rated). These are little baggies that mother can attach to my leash when we go for walks and I have to go potty on a strangers lawn. This was perfect timing, as it is finally warm enough for me to go for walks again.

The Kong Wubba rabbit added a springy feel to my PawPack. This toy is great because it is light and easy for me to carry, but it is made of a more durable material that I won’t be able to chew through too quickly.

March Box 2

Mother also appreciated the Pet Rescue sticker that PawPack included in our box. I hate when mother leaves me to go to school and work, and I know that she hates leaving me just as much. Knowing I’m safe makes her feel better though. This sticker makes sure that if something ever happens me, Uncle Morton, and Brother Kip will be saved.

Good job, PawPack!


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