Paws, Claws & Corks

Monday night I had the chance to attend the Humane Society of West Michigan’s Paws, Claws & Corks fundraising event. This was my first time attending the event, and I was blown away. The set up was great, making the timing and flow of the night perfect as well.


The event was held at Devos Center in downtown Grand Rapids, and over 750 people were in attendance. I served on the auction committee for the event this year, and although I played a small role, it was really neat to see the event come together. It was great seeing all these people in our community work together and pull their resources to raise as much money as possible for the fur kids.


The food and drinks were fantastic, and featured everything from smoked whitefish dip to Ramen noodles. (Yes, there really were ramen noodles and they were my favorite dish offered.) There were a variety of wine and craft beer options, including Bell’s and Perrin.

There was a silent auction, live auction, a raffle, and testimonials from pet parents who adopted from the Humane Society of West Michigan. It was truly moving to hear how pets change lives, and to see so many supportive animal lovers all in one room.


The Humane Society of West Michigan is 100% donor funded, and they care for over 3,000 pets each year. Events like this make that care possible. The event was fun, and I loved having an excuse to dress up and go out downtown, but the best part was knowing that I was helping the animals. (And maybe feeling a little bit like a Gossip Girl character at a fundraising gala. Basic, I know.) It was some of the best money I have ever spent. The only way it could have been better is if Pandora was there too.


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