I’m baaack

Hello, humans!

I can’t believe it’s been 76 days since my last post. That’s 2.18 years in dog time! I’m practically a senior citizen. If only I had thumbs. Then, I wouldn’t have to rely on mother to type my blog posts for me.

A quick recap: In the last 76 days, I took a lot of naps, ate a lot of treats, and went for a lot of walks. Meanwhile, mother graduated from college, started looking for jobs, and moved houses (twice). But those are just minor events compared to last week’s event. June 9th was the 10th annual BISSELL Blocktail Party! Woof woof!

Blocktail 1

2015 Blocktail

Blocktail is always a great time and the coolest pups, and their humans, in town are always in attendance. I even met another Hairless Chinese Crested! The event was held at Mangiamo again and included temporary tattoos, a photo booth, silent auction, caricature drawings, a bar, and a feast of food for both humans and fur friends.

Blocktail 2 Blocktail 3

There were just under 900 humans at the party. That’s a lot of humans. A lot of those humans brought their fur kids. That’s a lot of fur kids, and a lot of butts to sniff. I was a little overwhelmed, so I had mother carry me for most of the event. Lucky for her, this princess puppy is lightweight.

Blocktail 5

All of the money raised at the Blocktail Party goes to the BISSELL Pet Foundation. The BISSELL Pet Foundation uses the money to award grants to various animal welfare organizations. Blocktail is always fantastic, but this year was the best year yet. Blocktail had more attendees, auction revenue and sponsorship revenue than ever before, and raised DOUBLE the amount of last year’s party! Woof woof! I can’t wait for next year’s Blocktail Party!

Until next time,

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