View from Table Mountain cable car station

My blog is back and it’s coming to you from Cape Town! My internet and cell phone access is limited, because it is expensive AF. SoOoOo I’m going to try and blog the highlights of my trip every Sunday, because I literally can’t afford to text everyone everything that I want to share. I do have a South African number now, and a prepaid SIM card. The best option is to add me on WhatsApp via my American phone number (that is the number my account/contacts are linked to).


VA Food Market right by the water

Getting to Cape Town was exhausting. I drove 3.5 hours from Grand Rapids to Chicago, flew 14 hours from Chicago to Dubai, had an 8 hour layover in the middle of the night in Dubai, and finished up the trip with a 9 hour flight from Dubai to Cape Town. I am still recovering (and adjusting to the six hour time difference). It was worth it though, and I am excited to spend some more time in Dubai on my trip back to the states.

I live in Bo-Kaap, which is a neighborhood right outside Cape Town’s City Centre. It has been said, that the houses are brightly colored because slaves were only allowed to wear black. Once they were free, they moved to Bo-Kaap and wore brightly colored clothes and painted their houses bright colors as a statement of their freedom and individuality.


I have the smallest room, but I also have the balcony that looks right at Table Mountain. I still wake up every morning and look out the window and take it all in. I can’t believe that I am actually here. Alone. In Africa. It’s so surreal and overwhelming, but mostly just fun.

My first day in Cape Town was spent wandering around the city. I took a site seeing tour so I could get more familiar with the city and see some of the Cape Town tourist attractions. I have made yet another list of things to do while I am in Cape Town. Boulders Beach, where you can find the African Penguins, and taking the Cable Car up Table Mountain are at the top. Along with shark diving of course. #BiteMe

I cried…once…when I accidentally turned down the pet aisle at the grocery store (I miss you, Pandora!)

My “flatmates” are awesome. I live with an Italian girl, two German boys, a Dutch boy and a South African boy. They are avid Uno players, and have already taken me out for a night on Long Street, Cape Town’s club spot, and to a local street market where I got to try ostrich for the first time. Alas, they won’t be here for my whole stay.


Ostrich Schwarma

Tomorrow, I start my job at the Rape Crisis Center (hopefully). I am still waiting to hear back about what time I am they would like me to get there. My job is in Observatory, a college town that is a 15 minute Uber (yes South Africa has Uber, and it’s awesome and it’s cheap) ride from my house.

Fun Facts

  1. Dubai does not have toilets, but rather an actual hole in the ground surrounded by porcelain. Which was not a good situation for me, the world’s most shy of pee-ers who had to wait a whole 8 hours until I landed in Cape Town.
  2. Remember that cars drive on the opposite side of the road, so look right when you cross the street not left. Because you will get hit. And die.
  3. Despite everything I have ever seen in America, eggs do not have to be refrigerated.


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