Nearly Dying in Tie-Dye

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Bloukrans Bridge

I missed the Fourth of July and Shark Week. I had to do something to make up for it, so I decided to check a couple of things off of my FortyxForty List. I went on a two-day tour through Cape Town’s famous Garden Route. The tour was awesome. Not only did I get to bungee jump and shark dive, but I got to meet people from all over the world.

FortyxForty #14: Bungee Jumping ✅

 At 215 meters (709 feet), Bloukrans Bridge is the world’s highest commercial bungee jump. I was so nervous. While I was waiting, I kept picturing myself slipping out harness and plummeting to my death, all while thinking about how unfortunate it would be to die in my tie-dye Mackinaw Island PJ shirt.

Would that make it a tie-die shirt?


I was the third person in our group to walk up to the edge of the bridge, and prepare to jump. Once I had my toes just over the edge, before I could even think about backing out, they told me to jump. So, I did.. and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

The bad part is after you jump and you’re dangling there, upside down, waiting for someone to fetch you and bring you back to safety. There I was, staring at the ground below me and it starts to feel like my feet are slipping out of the harness. I started to panic, “of all the shirts you brought to SA, you picked this one? You don’t even like tie-dye that much.” I had watched enough other people jump in the groups before ours, and I knew that it didn’t take more than 30 seconds for the staff member to repel down to me. I closed my eyes and started counting-something I always do when I start to feel overwhelmed. I only got to 13, but it was the longest 13 seconds of my life.

Sidenote: my feet weren’t actually slipping. I’m just a paranoid freak of nature.

All in all, I loved it.

Bungee jumping > skydiving


Beach next to the backpackers lodge the tour group stayed at.

FortyxForty #6: Shark Diving ✅

Day two was shark cage diving in Gansbaai. The sharks were surprisingly calm. They circled the boat, but they never rammed the cage or got aggressive.

I still can’t believe how close I was to Great White Sharks. It wasn’t scary, like I thought it would be. It was fascinating. Fascinating to observe these magnificent creatures, that we know so little about.

Shark diving made me more eager than ever to cross FortyxForty #5 off my list: scuba diving.

Fun Facts

  1. Bagels are not common in Cape Town. I have only found one place that sells them.
  2. Even if you are from Michigan, winter is winter. I have not worn shorts once.
  3. Vegan tacos are better than normal tacos. (Okay, that’s technically an opinion.)


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