That’s a (Crunch) Wrap




Mum arrived on Tuesday morning. It was pouring rain, so we retreated to the Waterfront for lunch and to wander the mall a little bit.



The rest of the crew finally landed in Cape Town Wednesday morning. We spent the day at Boulders Beach and the Waterfront.  At last, I went for a spin on the Cape Wheel.


We went to Rape Crisis, so that I could say goodbye to my coworkers (friends) and so that my family could see the office and meet everyone. We walked around Observatory for a little bit before heading to Devil’s Peak Brewing Company for a midmorning beer tasting. After Devil’s Peak, we went to The Honest Chocolate Cafe so that I could drown my sorrows in dark chocolate. We devoured a dessert style bunny chow; a South African specialty. We burned off some of those chocolate calories by walking Green Market Square and shopping for souvenirs.

Next we went up to Bo Kaap so that everyone could see where I lived, and so that I could say goodbye to “the corner shop guy,” and his wife, who always looked out for me, and facilitated my Coke Light addiction. Finally, we went to Eastern Food Bazaar for dinner, where we ordered enough food to feed a small army. The weather wasn’t ideal, but we made the most of it.



Cape Of Good Hope

My last day in Cape Town. *sad face* We went to The Cape Peninsula. I had been to Cape Point previously, but this was my first time at the Cape of Good Hope. The Baboons were the highlight of the trip for me. They were crawling (and peeing) all over cars, chasing the Asian tourists, and fighting with each other for Pringle containers.


After The Cape, we headed to the Hout Bay Market so that I could have one last South African crunch wrap. On our trek to the market, we drove Chapman’s Peak during sunset, which offered my favorite view of Cape Town thus far.


It has not yet sunk in that tomorrow morning is the last time that I will wake up in Cape Town. It will take a few weeks of me being home and “back to normal” before I will be able to fully process my experience, feelings and thoughts. All I know, right now, is that I will never forget this experience and that I cannot wait for my next trip to Cape Town. I’m coming in the summer and I’m surfing in Muizenburg.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog recapping our African safari. Spoiler alert: Simba is making the journey to his homeland.

Fun Facts

  1. Eastern Food Bazaar has upstairs seating that triples the size of the place.
  2. Baboons like Pringles, specifically Salt and Vinegar Pringles.
  3. If you look a Baboon in the eyes for too long, it will chase after you.

Until next time Cape Town.


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