Pandora-Friendly Patios: HopCat

Pandora-Friendly Patios-2

We’re a few weeks behind, but between moving, power outages and searching for stolen cars, we’ve been a little busy. Nonetheless, Pandora Friendly Patios is back! This post is featuring HopCat. A Grand Rapids favorite that has been rapidly expanding throughout the midwest with locations in Detroit, Lansing, Chicago and Minneapolis– just to name a few.


I’ve been to the original HopCat location a number of times over the last few years, partly because they have always prided themselves on being pet friendly. It has been interesting to watch it change and expand as a brand. Their patio offers shaded and non-shaded seating. We went on a Thursday afternoon and had the whole patio to ourselves. It was extremely hot and humid out, making the shade a precious commodity.

Our server was very pet friendly and brought Pandora a bowl of water, which was much-needed given the heat. The patio was very well swept, Pandora has a strict diet and can’t eat human food, so the lack of Crack Fries on the ground was much appreciated.

We went against the grain and didn’t order from HopCat’s large variety of craft beer. However, I did browse the menu and can safely say that there is a beer for any palate. The food menu has changed since the brand started to expand. The menu itself is busy and somewhat challenging to read. I was also disappointed to learn that they took the black bean burrito off of their menu.

Nick ordered the pulled pork sandwich, I got a turkey club (sans bacon of course). Both of us enjoyed our entrees, they were sizable and well prepared. The crack fries are phenomenal and are even better with a side of Mrs. Dog’s Disappearing Mustard.

It is not the same HopCat that it was four years ago, it has definitely corporatized, but the food quality and craft beer selection is still present. The shaded patio makes it an appealing option for Pandora, and I would like to return to explore their craft beer selection.

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