Pandora-Friendly Patios: Harmony Brewing Company

Pandora-Friendly Patios-2Pandora-Friendly Patios is back and this week we’re featuring puppies, pizza, and brews at Harmony Brewing Company.

Harmony is located in the heart of Eastown and offers indoor and outdoor seating. Pandora loved all of the birds that were fluttering around the patio during our trip.

IMG_7040I started with the Harmony Salad that features mixed greens, sunflower seed sticks, carrots, dried cranberries, and your choice of dressing. I opted for the lemon oil. I am typically not a salad girl. I’m more of an appetizer featuring carbs and plastic cheese kind of girl, but this salad has changed my life. I have been craving this salad ever since I had it and cannot wait to go back and order it again.

IMG_2967The C-3PO featuring basil pesto base, shredded cheese blend, pepperoni, charred pineapple and red onions. I don’t eat pork, so we modified this pizza and swapped out the pepperoni for mushrooms. The staff was extremely understanding and didn’t give us a hard time about substitutions at all. The pesto base was awesome and I would definitely order this pizza again.


Pandora was less than pleasant on this outing, she wouldn’t lay down or sit still. She ran up to the server repeatedly and barked at the birds on the patio. Luckily, we were the only people on the patio. Our server was so sweet and put up with Pandora’s bad manners.


FullSizeRender 2

Harmony offers beer flights at a reasonable price. I’m still acquiring a palette for craft beer, but their Grapefruit Moon (a 6.2% IPA Grapefruit Shandy) is phenomenal. It is said to be the original grapefruit IPA and I have to say, I like it better than Perrin’s version.


The Herbert pizza was my favorite pizza of the day. Probably the best pizza I’ve had all summer. It has a balsamic and oregano base, shredded mozzarella, fresh spinach, goat cheese and prosciutto. Again, we substituted the pork prosciutto for mushrooms. The balsamic oregano base is different but SO good. I can’t say enough good things about this pizza–and I’ve eaten a lot of pizza.

Harmony is one of my new favorite spots for pizza. I went in to do this blog because I knew they were pet friendly and I have a couple of friends who work there, but I was blown away by their food. It’s not your typical “brewery food.” The prices are reasonable, the staff is awesome, and the food will leave you wanting more. Whether you have a fur child to take with you or not, Harmony should be on your list of Grand Rapids spots to check out.



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